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Leveraging Big Data to Maximize Business Value

NewVantage helps clients leverage their data assets to realize business value:

  • Gain business insights faster and with greater flexibility
  • Transform critical business processes to be more nimble and cost-effective
  • Ensure business value through successful business adoption and results.

Core areas of expertise include data strategy, data governance, data architecture, data integration, and business alignment and adoption.

Big Data Fast Track Execution Program

NewVantage Partners ‘Big Data Fast Track Program’ encompasses four core capabilities:

  • Strategy — Ideation, conception, and design of a Big Data and Analytics environment that is business-driven and tied to business value. The strategy includes identifying business drivers, assessing current capabilities and gaps, defining future state objectives, and developing the execution roadmap and business case.
  • Proof of Concept — Fast-track validation of strategy and business benefits by establishing a sample Big Data Analytics and reporting environment using Big Data technologies and approaches for speed and flexibility — resulting in validation and demonstrated value within 60-90 days.
  • Execution — Rapid design and implementation of a Big Data analytics and reporting environment that enables critical business objectives — resulting in an operational Big Data environment within 12-16 weeks.
  • Big Data Solutions Center — Fast track Big Data implementation efforts through a remote hosted environment, enabling test-and-learn analysis without a large financial commitment for technology and infrastructure investment.

 ‘Data First’ Approach

NewVantage’s ‘Data First’ approach targets getting more value, faster and at comparable or lower cost to implement.

Data First ensures maximum value in the shortest possible delivery time by targeting data content — how to get at it, break it down, analyze it, mine it, scrape it, and link it with existing relational data to create new insights, new analytic views, new business opportunities. It also assesses potential cost reductions by considering the use of big data technologies resulting in less dependence on higher cost software and platforms over time.

  • It’s all about the data. The “known” or traditional approaches to sourcing, loading, processing and enriching data are shifting under the sands of Big Data. NewVantage understand the “new” approach using Big Data technologies which value speed to market and flexible loading paradigms – images, video, semi-structured XML files, text and other formats can all be loaded into a Hadoop filesystem, for example, “as is”.
  • It’s not about throwing out the old. NewVantage understands that it’s equally important to use and capitalize on the known or existing data warehouses and be able to integrate with the “new” approach to get the best of breed from both platforms.

Quick Wins

NewVantage believes that firms can accelerate business value through “quick wins” that demonstrate business value, build organizational support and momentum, and provide a foundation for innovation and long-term success.

Using our ‘FastTrack’ framework and methodologies, founded on Big Data principles and approaches, organizations can undertake Proof of Concepts that demonstrate rapid value and enables clients to derive a series of concrete business benefits:

  • Gain business insights faster and with greater flexibility
  • Transform critical business processes to be more nimble and cost-effective
  • Enable analytics in weeks rather than months
  • Ensure business value through successful business adoption and results

Cornerstones of the “Quick Wins” Proof of Concept include:

  • Rapid Assessment — Identify business drivers | assess current capabilities and gaps | define future state/use cases | develop and align execution roadmap and business case
  • Proof of Concept — Establish an analytics sandbox using Big Data approaches | rapid design methodology |test and learn | iterate to refine value | fail fast and learn faster
  • Business Value — Develop metrics to demonstrate business value | from pilot to production | communicate value | build organizational alignment to ensure adoption

Big Data Managed Services Solutions

NewVantage Partners offers managed services solutions to firms seeking expert guidance in the design, implementation, and ongoing management of Big Data and Analytics, and Digital Marketing solutions.  Capabilities include:

  • Insights-as-a-Service – For firms seeking rapid deployment of data, analytics, and digital capabilities, NewVantage delivers data operations and analytics on your infrastructure
  • Insights-on-Demand – For firms seeking rapid deployment and end-to-end management of data, analytics, and digital capabilities, NewVantage offers a fully managed Big Data analytics platform in the Cloud

Deliver insights at the speed of business:

  • Self-service access to comprehensive data assets (history, fields, types) through tools of choice
  • Access to integrated, consistent data assets  (new sources, analytics, enhancements)
  • Generate better insights faster- eliminate analyst time doing data acquisition, integration, and management

Big Data Advisory Services and Solutions

NewVantage Partners offers expertise and packaged solutions for firms seeking to learn from the experience of their predecessors, achieve “quick wins”, demonstrate business value, and build organizational support and commitment.   Advisory services and solutions include:

  • Proof of Concept – Designed to produce “quick wins” that demonstrate the business value of Big Data, Analytics, and Digital Marketing initiatives to build organizational support and momentum.
  • Rapid Assessments – Benefit from frameworks, architectures, and business processes which have been packaged for delivery to accelerate the implementation of Big Data, Analytics, and Digital Marketing environments and programs
  • Strategy Workshops – Learn from leading experts in the fields of Big Data, Analytics, and Digital Marketing through half-day or full-day on-site executive education programs
  • Executive Community – Interact and learn from the experience of peer executives in intimate small group discussions.


NewVantage Partners Big Data Perspectives

Big Data in Financial Services

NewVantage Partners works with the leading financial services firms to ensure the success of their Data and Analytics initiatives. Our partners, advisors, and principals bring deep industry experience and expertise, and an understanding of the business complexities and issues facing financial services organizations, whether the challenges are customer service and retention, or financial optimization and regulatory reporting. Our financial services clients include leaders in banking, asset management, credit card services, and wealth management services.  Our financial services thought-leadership perspectives include:

Big Data in the Life Sciences

NewVantage Partners works with leaders in the life sciences, pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and health care sectors. Our partners, advisors, and principals bring deep industry experience and expertise in the business challenges and opportunities facing health care and life sciences firms, whether they be providers, payers, pharmaceutical, biotech, or medical device companies. This expertise enables us to bring solutions to firms at different stages of maturity. Our life sciences clients include leaders in health care, pharmaceuticals, and medical services.

Our life sciences thought-leadership perspectives include:

NewVantage Partners Big Data Executive Survey

NewVantage Partners Big Data executive survey was first conducted in 2012 at the encouragement of a group of Fortune 1000 senior business and technology executives. The survey has received extensive national press coverage from leading national and business press, including The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, Forbes, and The Times of London.

Learn about the 2017 Big Data Executive Survey.

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