“A Tale of Two Banks: Gold Rush to Digital Revolution” – Wall Street Journal

7/10/14 – by Randy Bean – Bank of America Corp. and Wells Fargo & Co., two banking giants with roots on the West Coast, both recognize data and analytics as core to their expansion and growth and … Read More »

“Big Data Fatigue” – MIT Sloan Management Review

6/23/14 – by Randy Bean – It may be everywhere now, but big data matters more than ever. I was having lunch recently with the editor of a leading business publication, when I was asked, “Don’t you … Read More »

“Health Care Plays Catch-up with Big Data” – Wall Street Journal

6/17/14 – by Randy Bean – My wife has spent her entire career in Health care management and when she talks about it, my brain tends to go numb. When I speak about Big Data and analytics my wife tells her … Read More »

“Big Data and the Visionary Power of Change” – Wall Street Journal

5/20/14 – by Randy Bean – Percy Bysshe Shelley, the 19th century English romantic poet, is best known for his poem Ozymandias: “And on the pedestal these words … Read More »

“Chief Data Officers Blaze Unchartered Corporate Frontier” – Wall Street Journal

4/21/14 – by Randy Bean – Mainstream corporations are leveraging their Big Data and analytics capabilities to more effectively connect with customers and respond to their needs. Businesses are aided in … Read More »

“Marketing Leaders Use Big Data to Enhance the Customer Experience” – WSJ

3/24/14 – by Randy Bean – Mainstream corporations are leveraging their Big Data and analytics capabilities to more effectively connect with customers and respond to … Read More »

“Big Data Innovation: Fail Faster. Execute Smarter.” – Wall Street Journal

2/18/14 – by Randy Bean – I happened to be watching the Australian Open Men’s Tennis Final last month when I noticed a long and intriguing tattoo on the forearm of the eventual champion, Stanislas … Read More »

“Financial Services Firms See Results from Big Data Push” – Wall Street Journal

1/27/14 – by Randy Bean – Big Data is as much about new capabilities and approaches as it is about managing large volumes of data for leading financial service firms. … Read More »

“Which C-level Executive will be the Big Data Champion” – CIO

11/15/13 – by Randy Bean – So far, it isn’t clear which C-level exec will lead the big-data charge. CIOs, if they want a shot at this job, will need to focus on business innovation, … Read More »

“For Better and Worse, Big Data Grows Up” – Wall Street Journal

9/25/13 – by Tom Davenport – As Big Data enters the mainstream, companies are wrapping it in business concepts such as “governance” and “model management,” ideas usually associated with mature … Read More »

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