“Financial Services Firms See Results from Big Data Push” – Wall Street Journal

1/27/14 – by Randy Bean – Big Data is as much about new capabilities and approaches as it is about managing large volumes of data for leading financial service firms. … Read More »

“Which C-level Executive will be the Big Data Champion” – CIO

11/15/13 – by Randy Bean – So far, it isn’t clear which C-level exec will lead the big-data charge. CIOs, if they want a shot at this job, will need to focus on business innovation, … Read More »

“For Better and Worse, Big Data Grows Up” – Wall Street Journal

9/25/13 – by Tom Davenport – As Big Data enters the mainstream, companies are wrapping it in business concepts such as “governance” and “model management,” ideas usually associated with mature … Read More »

“Big Data’s Holy Grail: Better, Faster Decisions” – InformationWeek

7/18/13 – by Randy Bean – We’ve all been hearing a lot about the promise of big data during the past two years. Now many Fortune 1000 companies are asking, “Where’s the beef?” The … Read More »

“Get the Maximum Value Out of Your Big Data Initiative” – Harvard Business Review

2/1/13 – by Paul Barth & Randy Bean – Companies have been striving to harness and leverage the power of their data assets for decades. Now major U.S. corporations and government agencies are … Read More »

Organizational Alignment is Key to Big Data Success – MIT Sloan Review

1/28/13 – Randy Bean, interviewed by David Kiron – Fortune 500 companies are rushing to make big data investments. Who is leading this charge? What are they doing? What are they trying to avoid? … Read More »

“Who’s Really Using Big Data” – Harvard Business Review

9/12/12 – by Paul Barth and Randy Bean – We recently surveyed executives at Fortune 1000 companies and large government agencies about where they stand on Big Data: what initiatives they have planned, … Read More »

“How Big Data is Different” – MITSloan Management Review

7/30/12 – by Paul Barth, Randy Bean, and Tom Davenport – These days, many people in the information technology world and in corporate boardrooms are talking about “big data.” Many believe that, … Read More »

“Quick Wins Help Avoid Culture Obstacles on the Path to Value” – MITSloan Management Review

10/1/11 – by Paul Barth and Randy Bean – When Paul Barth and Randy Bean launched NewVantage Partners in 2000, most organizations were not paying a lot of attention to data and analytics. That’s … Read More »

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