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“Another Side Of Big Data: Big Data For Social Good” – Forbes

9/24/16 – by Randy Bean – Over the course of the past five years I have written extensively on the topic of Big Data for distinguished publications, including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, MIT … Read More »

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“5 Steps to Maximizing the Value of Your Big Data Lake” – Information Management

9/6/16 – by Avi Kalderon – Big data lakes have created a lot of change, a lot of angst and most importantly — a lot of opportunity, according to Avi Kalderon, big data and analytics practice … Read More »

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“Big Data And The Emergence Of The Chief Data Officer” – Forbes

8/8/16 – by Randy Bean – In his new book, Only Humans Need Apply: Winners and Losers in the Age of Smart Machines, Tom Davenport identifies Four Eras of Information, dating from 1975. Confirming the … Read More »

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“The Case For ‘Data Governance'” – Forbes

6/22/16 – by Randy Bean – I have long had an aversion to the term, “Data Governance.” As one senior executive put it, “it sounds like ‘Data Government,’ and that can’t be good!” For … Read More »

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“Data Governance: Making Big Data Manageable” – Dataversity

5/25/16 – by Avi Kalderon – Some businesses are swimming through their “lake” of big data. Some feel like they are drowning. The difference, often, is the ability to actively adapt data … Read More »

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“Inside American Express’ Big Data Journey” – Forbes

4/27/16 – by Randy Bean – In 1979, the aging British-American stage actor John Houseman appeared in a legendary television ad for the investment firm E.F. Hutton. Gruffly summing up the firm’s … Read More »

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“10 Guideposts to Big Data Adoption” – CIO Review

4/4/16 – by Randy Bean – NewVantage Partners recently completed its 2016 Big Data Executive Survey, its fourth and final such survey, targeting senior Fortune 1000 business and technology decision-makers … Read More »

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“For Big Data, It’s ‘Show Me The Money’ Time” – Forbes

3/29/16 – by Randy Bean – Big business has been investing big in Big Data initiatives. But, to what end? A recently released Big Data executive survey, published by my firm, reports that nearly … Read More »

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“Variety, Not Volume, Is Driving Big Data Initiatives ” – MIT Sloan Management Review

3/28/16 – by Randy Bean – When many executives think of Big Data, they think of large volumes of data. A common notion is that bigger is often better when it comes to data and analytics, but this is … Read More »

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“The Big-Data Future Has Arrived” – Wall Street Journal

2/23/16 – by Michael S. Malone – Big data, the tech story of a few years ago, is now beginning to show big results. The science of using powerful computers, ubiquitous sensors and the Web to crunch … Read More »

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