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“Big Data in the Sandbox: Learning to Play Better” – Information Management

2/17/16 – by Avi Kalderon – In the world of big data, analytical sandboxes have been there since the beginning, letting analysts pour in data and perform various modeling and other analytical tasks. … Read More »

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“Just Using Big Data Isn’t Enough Anymore” – Harvard Business Review

2/9/16 – by Randy Bean – Big Data has quickly become an established fact for Fortune 1000 firms — such is the conclusion of a Big Data executive survey that my firm has conducted for the past four … Read More »


“Big Data Has Turned The Corner; Here’s What Happens Next” – Silicon Angle

2/6/16 – by Paul Gillin – For the past four years, big data consultancy NewVantage Partners LLC has surveyed a group of executives at large enterprises to determine their strategies surrounding big … Read More »

MIT Sloan Management Review

“How Time-to-Insight Is Driving Big Data Business Investment” – MIT Sloan Management Review

1/26/16 – by Randy Bean – They say that time is money, but Fortune 1000 executives polled in the fourth annual Big Data Executive Survey conducted by NewVantage Partners have boldly confirmed that … Read More »


“NewVantage Releases 4th Annual Big Data Executive Survey 2016 Survey” – Inside Big Data

1/20/16 – NewVantage Partners, a management consulting firm whose exclusive focus is the delivery of world-class expertise in Data Strategy and Big Data Execution for Fortune 1000 clients, has released the … Read More »

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“Big Data Goes Mainstream: What Now?” – Information Week

1/14/16 – Now that big data initiatives are going mainstream in Fortune 1000 companies, CIOs and other C-level executives are targeting the next frontier — how to transform all that information into … Read More »


“Big Data Has Arrived, Execs Say” – ADTMAg

1/12/16 – “Big Data has reached a point of mainstream adoption within Fortune 1000 firms,” concludes a new survey from NewVantage Partners, attempting to capture the voice of executive … Read More »

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“Survey: Big Data Goes Mainstream” – Datanami

1/12/16 – Financial services firms remain the biggest users of big data technologies in the most recent survey of adoption rates for Fortune 1000 companies. … Read More »

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“Big Data Initiatives Now Mainstream Among Large Organizations” – Information Management

1/12/16 – Big data has achieved mainstream adoption among large enterprises, according to a new study by management consulting firm NewVantage Partners. … Read More »


“NewVantage: Big Data Adoption Went Mainstream in 2015” – Silicon Angle

1/11/16 – Big Data is officially “a thing” with senior executives at Fortune 1000 firms indicating they’ll increase spending on collecting and analyzing data sharply over the next few years. In … Read More »

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