“Big Data Fuels a ‘Data First’ Movement” – Wall Street Journal

6/15/15 – by Randy Bean – My esteemed friend and colleague Tom Davenport recently wrote in these pages about The Shift to a New Data Architecture. With his usual instinct for wry observation Tom … Read More »

“The Shift to a New Data Architecture” – Wall Street Journal

6/4/15 – by Tom Davenport – I am not the first to say this—various IT vendors have made similar pronouncements—but I am confident that we are moving to a new data and technology architecture. … Read More »

“Keeping Data Governance Interesting” – Banking Strategies

5/20/15 – by Avi Kalderon – Data governance – the process by which banks ensure that the data they manage and ultimately include in their financial statements is accurate and trustworthy – has … Read More »

“Big Data’s Big Paradoxes” – Wall Street Journal

5/18/15 – by Randy Bean – As we push ahead to fulfill the promise of Big Data, we should bear in mind that there can be perils that reflect a dark side if we fail to act responsibly. I recently … Read More »

NewVantage Partners Announces Big Data Fast Track Program

5/18/15 – BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NewVantage Partners, (NVP), the industry leader in Big Data strategy consulting, thought-leadership, execution, and business value, announces its Big Data Fast … Read More »

“Chief Data Officer Role Shifts to Offense” – Wall Street Journal

4/7/15 – by Randy Bean – Shakespeare said “April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.” It was one year ago that I published a column, Chief Data Officers Blaze Uncharted Corporate Frontier. … Read More »

“Making Big Data Fast” – Forbes

3/30/15 – by Howard Baldwin – Imagine for a moment the classic I Love Lucy scene that takes place in Kramer’s Kandy Kitchen. Lucy and Ethel are trying to wrap candy but the conveyor belt is … Read More »

“Time to Focus on the Twin Pillars of Big Data 2.0” – Wall Street Journal

3/12/15 – by Randy Bean – While many executives claim to loath the term Big Data, they should nonetheless appreciate that the term has resonated from Wall Street to Main Street. Data may not provide … Read More »

“A Three-Step Strategy for Tackling Big Data Governance Challenges” – IT Business Edge

3/10/15 – by Loraine Lawson – Big Data will bring new challenges to data governance. Succeeding will require organizations to simplify, prioritize and above all adapt as Big Data use matures. … Read More »

“Cutting Data Down to Size: Chief Diet Officer?” – Information Management

3/6/15 – by Avi Kalderon – As an expert in helping businesses whip their data into shape with big data and analytics techniques, I often find that obese databases are an early obstacle to overcome. … Read More »

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