“10 Steps to Big Data Success” – Information Management

1/27/15 – by Avi Kalderon – Without effective data governance and data management, big data can mean big problems for many organizations already struggling with more data than they can handle. That … Read More »

“Big Data Sparks a New Industrial Age” – Wall Street Journal

1/15/15 – by Randy Bean – While many financial services executives still struggle to identify compelling Big Data use cases there is another world where Big Data is yielding a big impact right now. … Read More »

“‘Fast Data’ Applications Emerge to Manage Real-Time Data” – Wall Street Journal

1/7/15 – by Randy Bean – Welcome to 2015, and part two of the Data Decade. If the past five years have been largely about the emergence of Big Data, the next five years are likely to be about the … Read More »

“How to Keep Your Job in 2015: Embrace IT Transformation” – FierceCIO

12/6/14 – by Tony Pagliarulo – As we head into 2015, there is a growing list of ex-CIOs on the job market who were very strong operationally, and by many standards effective CIOs. But many failed to … Read More »

“Looking Beyond Big Data in 2015” – Wall Street Journal

12/5/14 – by Randy Bean – This is generally the time when we take stock of the past 12 months and look ahead to the year in front of us. In this context, I was having lunch with an esteemed colleague … Read More »

“Companies Bet Big on Big Data, Despite Doubts” – Wall Street Journal

11/4/14 – by Randy Bean – Big companies are betting big on Big Data. That is the main takeaway from NewVantage Partners 3rd annual Big Data Executive Survey, conducted last month. The survey was … Read More »

“Big Data Now Mainstream In Large Companies” – Forbes

11/4/14 – For the third year in a row, NewVantage Partners has conducted a survey of Fortune 1000 senior business and technology executives regarding their companies’ investments in big data. … Read More »

“Fortune 1000 Companies Look to Big Data Analytics” – CBR

11/4/14 – Big data is increasingly becoming a priority for some of the largest companies in the world as they look to increase their investment over the next three years. … Read More »

“Surveys: Big Data Is Mainstream, But ROI Varies Greatly” – Information Management

11/4/14 – Big Data has gone mainstream. But is it succeeding? … Read More »

“Expense Line for Big Data Grows” – CFO

11/3/14 – Senior executives at U.S. firms are betting big on big data — projecting much higher spending on collecting and analyzing high-tech information over the next three years and increasingly … Read More »

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