“Big Data Now Mainstream In Large Companies” – Forbes

11/4/14 – For the third year in a row, NewVantage Partners has conducted a survey of Fortune 1000 senior business and technology executives regarding their companies’ investments in big data. … Read More »

“Fortune 1000 Companies Look to Big Data Analytics” – CBR

11/4/14 – Big data is increasingly becoming a priority for some of the largest companies in the world as they look to increase their investment over the next three years. … Read More »

“Surveys: Big Data Is Mainstream, But ROI Varies Greatly” – Information Management

11/4/14 – Big Data has gone mainstream. But is it succeeding? … Read More »

“Expense Line for Big Data Grows” – CFO

11/3/14 – Senior executives at U.S. firms are betting big on big data — projecting much higher spending on collecting and analyzing high-tech information over the next three years and increasingly … Read More »

“3 Common & Costly CIO Mistakes” – Information Week

10/20/14 – by Tony Pagliarulo – CIOs are often undone by sticking with old systems too long and failing to market themselves. Here’s how to right the ship. CIOs continue to be under massive … Read More »

“How Business Culture Defines Data Success” – Wall Street Journal

10/7/14 – by Randy Bean – Few business executives would dispute the notion that having good data is a key competitive advantage and a critical component to business success. Yet, these same … Read More »

“The Legacy of Big Data” – Wall Street Journal

9/9/14 – by Randy Bean – A few years ago, I was invited to attend a one-day Big Data Conference held at Stanford University under the sponsorship of Accel Partners. This event represented a … Read More »

“Politics and Dirty Data” – Wall Street Journal

8/12/14 – by Randy Bean – A highly esteemed long-time colleague of mine tells the story of his coming out of MIT after completing a PhD program in computer science in the early 1990’s. Dr. … Read More »

“Big Data In Life Sciences: Trends, Challenges, And The Payoff” – Life Science Leader

7/31/14 – by Rich Sokolosky – Information is playing a critical new role in the business of life sciences, from discovery to commercial operations. Big Data is a major agent of change in the trends, … Read More »

“The Culture of Data” – Wall Street Journal

7/22/14 – by Randy Bean – We live in a time when data is ascendant. It wasn’t always this way though. Before there was a Google Inc., before terms like Big Data came into vogue, and before jobs like … Read More »

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