5 Big Data Predictions

Jun 15, 2013

I was recently asked by Information Management to provide five predictions of leaders in big data that will outpace companies who are still considering their big data platform strategies.

1) Leaders Will Distance Themselves

In NewVantage’s 2012 big data survey of high-level executives and enterprise tech decision makers, a handful of firms forecasted spending more than $100 million over the next three years on big data plans. There is already a subset of firms clearly distinguishing themselves by taking strong steps to establish big data environments that run alongside and are linked to core production environments. These firms are undertaking activities such as analytical sandboxes, big data labs, and the migration of certain applications and queries to Hadoop environments. These firms will learn quickly and will outpace companies who are still considering their big data platform strategies.

2) Big Data’s Business Metric: Time-to-Answer

Firms are establishing big data platforms that enable business analysts to pose questions using all of their data (“load and go”) and ask many more questions. The result is that analysts are able to iterate through their data faster and ask more and more questions in increasingly shorter periods of time. This ability to get answers faster will enable businesses to be more aggressive in their ability to respond to customers, develop new products and identify market opportunities. The business metric for measuring the impact of big data to accelerate business activities will be TTA.”

Read the rest of my predictions here.

By Randy Bean

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