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Data-Driven Business Innovation and Transformation

NewVantage Partners are strategic advisors in data-driven business innovation.  We help Fortune 1000 clients leverage data as an asset, become data-driven, forge a data culture, and innovate with data. 

The Age of Big Data and AI

As data volumes and sources proliferate at greater and greater rates, Fortune 1000 companies are increasing their investment in Big Data and AI initiatives, with nearly 97% of executives reporting that their companies are actively investing or launching Big Data and AI initiatives with the goal of becoming more data-driven in an increasingly competitive world.

The Threat of Disruption

Fortune 1000 mainstream companies face disruptive threats from data-driven competitors with highly agile, data-savvy business cultures – firms including Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple.

NewVantage Partners 2018 Executive Survey found that a significant 79.4% of executives say they fear disruption from data-driven competitors.  Additionally, 54.4% of executives report that an inability to be nimble and compete on data is the biggest competitive threat they face today.

This fear of disruption is fueling investment in Big Data and AI transformational initiatives.

 Competing on Big Data and Analytics

Fortune 1000 companies recognize that they must become more adept at leveraging their data assets if they are to compete successfully against highly-agile data-driven competitors.

NewVantage Partners works with Fortune 1000 business and technology executives to compete on Big Data and Analytics. We help our clients undertake this transformation. We focus on 4 principle tenets:

  • Leveraging Data as an Enterprise Asset

Data is an enterprise business asset, which cuts across products, services, and organizational units of a company.  This makes data hard to manage and data initiatives difficult to organize.

  • Becoming a Data-Driven Organization

Data-driven organizations are driven by experimentation, discovery, agility, and a “data first” approach.  A dynamic and rapidly-changing business environment dictates flexibility and agility.

  • Forging a Data Culture

Many firms pay lip service to the notion of forging a data culture. Fewer firms commit to undertaking the journey. A data culture requires a shared vision that is ingrained in the corporate culture and values.  Organizational alignment, change management, business process design, coordination, and communication are the foundations on which a data culture is built.

  • Innovating with Data

Firms that compete on data and analytics are always learning. These firms establish Analytical Sandboxes, Centers of Excellence, and Big Data and Innovation Labs. Data-driven firms live by the mantra, “Fail Fast. Learn Faster”.

 Strategic Execution Leads to Success

NewVantage Partners helps Fortune 1000 clients move from concept through execution and implementation.  We follow a process that is customized to the needs and stage of maturity of each organization. Our business approach and engagement process is organized around 7 core tenets:

  • Current State Assessment of Capabilities and Plans
  • Future State Vision of Business Goals and Priorities
  • Execution Roadmap with Milestones and Quick Wins
  • Ongoing Measurement to Establish Credibility and Momentum
  • Alignment with Business Goals to Ensure Business Adoption
  • Organizational Transformation to Build a Sustainable Culture
  • Revise and Adapt to Stay Current and Competitive.

 NewVantage Partners | Leading Data-Driven Business Transformation and Innovation

Since 2001, NewVantage Partners has helped a blue-chip roster of Fortune 1000 companies and industry leaders leverage data and analytics to drive innovation and business transformation. Our clients include leading financial services, healthcare, life sciences, and media companies.   NewVantage is at the forefront of data-driven transformation and innovation. We are expert practitioners and C-executives who have led corporate transformations and innovation initiatives. Our approach is individualized and high-touch.

 NewVantage Partners thought-leadership perspectives appear in leading publications, including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, and MIT Sloan Management Review, through our Executive Thought-Leadership Roundtable Breakfasts, annual Big Data/AI Executive Survey, and through our industry keynote panels and speaking engagements.

 NewVantage is headquartered in Boston with offices in New York, San Francisco, Austin, and Charlotte. 

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