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NewVantage Partners are strategic advisors in business innovation to Fortune 1000 business and technology executives and industry leaders.

Data is an Enterprise Business Asset
Data is an enterprise asset, which cuts across products, services, and organizational units of a company.  This makes data hard to manage and data initiatives difficult to organize.
Fail Fast, Learn Faster
The Big Data mindset is driven by experimentation, discovery, agility, and a “data first” approach, characterized by analytical sandboxes, centers of excellence, and Big Data labs.  A dynamic and rapidly-changing business environment dictates flexibility and agility.

Importance of a Big Data Strategy
Businesses need a clear data strategy if they hope to effectively leverage Big Data as a core business asset.   An effective data strategy must be a highly dynamic roadmap for the future, and a work in progress to be adapted.  Becoming a data-driven company is a continuous journey characterized by change and flux.

Changing the Business Culture
Some firms pay lip service to the notion of forging a data culture, but fewer firms undertake the hard work, and demonstrate the commitment to creating a shared vision which becomes ingrained in the corporate culture and values.  Business adoption of Big Data requires addressing issues of organizational alignment, change management, business process design, coordination, and communication.

NewVantage Partners | At the Forefront of Innovation
Since 2001, NewVantage Partners has helped a blue-chip roster of Fortune 1000 companies and industry leaders leverage data and analytics to drive innovation and business transformation.

Our approach is expert-based, individualized; high-touch.  We are small, but nimble; expert practitioners, and C-executives who have led corporate transformations.

NewVantage Partners is at the forefront of innovation.  Our perspectives appear in leading publications, including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, and MIT Sloan Management Review, and through our executive thought-leadership breakfasts, annual Big Data executive survey, and speaking engagements.

NewVantage Partners is based in Boston with offices in New York, San Francisco, Austin, and Charlotte.

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