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The State of Big Data

Corporate executives (73.2%) are reporting measurable results from their Big Data investments, with 84.1% of executives reporting that they are investing in Big Data initiatives to enable better decision using advanced analytics.

NewVantage Partners Big Data Approach

Big Data approaches and business processes have transformed how businesses can compete on data.

NewVantage Partners helps Fortune 1000 client’s leverage Big Data approaches to transform their business practices and compete with speed and agility in a data-driven world:

  • Deliver data to business decision makers more rapidly
  • Enable business decision makers to directly manage their data assets
  • “Democratize” data by enabling non-technical business decision makers to access data directly
  • Reduce the time it takes to put data into the hands of business decision makers from months/years to weeks/days
  • Reduce the size of the teams required to put data into the hands of business decision makers from large technical teams to small hybrid business/technical teams
  • Accelerate business decision making and time-to-value and time-to-impact as a result of greater data agility and speed
  • Enable traditional Fortune 1000 companies with legacy business and data environments to compete on data and analytics like their more agile, data-driven competitors.

NewVantage Partners Focus Areas

NewVantage Partners bring expertise in the planning, design, execution, and implementation of business processes and programs in core business practices including:

  • Data Strategy — current state | future state | ideation | roadmap
  • Data Governance – stewardship | lineage | Chief Data Officer start-up
  • Data Architecture – platform | technology | data management
  • Big Data – business agility | data democratization | analytic sandboxes | discovery
  • Business Adoption — quick wins | organizational alignment | cultural change
  • Data Innovation — monetization | speed-to-market | incubation | acceleration

NewVantage Partners Big Data Executive Survey

Since 2012, NewVantage Partners has surveyed senior business and technology executives from leading Fortune 1000 companies to understand how they are investing in and deriving business value from their Big Data investments.

Learn about the 2018 Big Data Executive Survey.

NewVantage Partners Big Data Thought Leadership

NewVantage Partners advises Fortune 1000 clients on how to leverage Big Data approaches and process to compete. We regularly advise, speak, and write on the opportunities and challenges that organizations must address in their quest to become data-driven competitors. Our columns are published in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, and The Wall Street Journal.

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