Avi Kalderon, Partner & Practice Leader for NewVantage, discusses how CIOs & CFOs need to keep up with the rapid pace of technology and how to avoid information technology investments from becoming legacy within a short timeframe.

In his latest article published in Bank Systems & Technology, Kalderon writes:

“As CFOs assess new information technology investments against a three year horizon, CIOs must step in early and make the case for sustaining them 18-24 months in a rinse-and-repeat fashion. They need to point out the new twist in the conversation: many of these investments are relatively smaller and the ROI can be realized quicker, so it makes sense to look at two cycles of technology investments against one accounting depreciation cycle.”

So what should CIOs and CFOs do to close the gap? Kalderon states:

“One way to compress these timeframes is to better control the scope of implementations into shorter release schedules and faster cadence of releases. Another is to put together more aggressive financial benefits statements that demonstrate a positive ROI over a much shorter timeframe”

To read the full article, click here: Time for a New Twist in the CIO-CFO Conversation.

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