How We Work

NewVantage Partners is comprised of a core team of senior industry experts and general partners who directly oversee the management of all client engagements.

Our goal is to optimize each client engagement based on the unique needs of the client and the nature of each engagement. Rather than call upon a traditional bench of junior associates, we believe in the importance of fielding the most expert teams that can be brought to bear.

To that end, we have nurtured a national network of leading subject-matter experts who we engage in support of our general partners. We have learned that the best experts often prefer to maintain their professional independence, so we have identified the very best people, worked with them, and call on them time and time again as needed to augment our core team.

This approach ensures that our clients benefit from the strength of our general partners’ leadership and expertise – executives who have “sat in the chair” – and the deep expertise of best-in-class subject experts. The result is that each engagement is optimized around specific client needs, and expressly tailored to engage the finest expertise available.

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