As a critical member of an Engagement Team, the Analyst/Data Scientist brings a deep level of technical expertise pertaining to working with client data. This person is a proven “data” expert with strong technical credentials. Has likely spent most of his/her career dealing with challenging data problems.


  • Thinks strategically about uses of data in business
  • Data collection, storage and retrieval
  • Data manipulation, exploration and cleansing
  • Synthesis and modeling of data
  • Data visualization
  • Ability to tell the resulting “story” uncovered by the engagement


  • 10+ years
  • Has successfully designed and built large and complex data sets
  • Performed data studies and data discovery efforts on uses of new or existing data
  • Researched and implemented leading software for handling data projects
  • Understands the complexity, risks and opportunities offered by “Big Data”


BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science or other quantitative discipline

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