“Data-Driven Innovation And Change At Nationwide” – Forbes

4/21/20 – By Thomas H. Davenport and Randy Bean – Any agile and aware organization is going to have activities in flux with regard to the fast-changing areas of big data, analytics, and AI. That’s … Read More »

“Big Data In The Time Of Coronavirus (COVID-19)” – Forbes

4/3/20 – by Randy Bean – COVID-19 has arrived with consequences that are grave and unsettling. We are seeing daily reports showing outbreak and fatality curves on a worldwide and country/city … Read More »

“Meet Me In St. Louis – The Reemergence Of An Innovation Hub” – Forbes

4/3/20 – by Randy Bean – The legendary Judy Garland achieved one of her career highlights in the MGM classic Meet Me in St. Louis in 1944, just five years after receiving her only Academy … Read More »

“An Emerging Consensus Among Chief Data Officers” – Forbes

3/1/20 – by Thomas H. Davenport and Randy Bean – Several times a year, NewVantage Partners (NVP) convenes a breakfast meeting of senior and business and technology executives with responsibility for … Read More »

“Are You Asking Too Much of Your Chief Data Officer?” – Harvard Business Review

2/16/20 – by Thomas H. Davenport & Randy Bean – Since the first chief data officer was appointed at Capital One in 2002, the role has been plagued by confusion about its purpose. Although surveys … Read More »

“The Emergence Of TD As A Data-Driven Force In Banking” – Forbes

2/11/20 – by Randy Bean – As the North American banking landscape continues to evolve, many consumers have noted the growing presence of Toronto-based TD Bank Group in major U.S. cities across the … Read More »

“Executives Report AI Investment Up, But Implementations Lag Expectations” – Forbes

2/2/20 – by Randy Bean – Is there a lag between enthusiasm for investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities and delivery of AI results?  Apparently so.   A 2019 Harvard Business Review … Read More »

“Moving From Data Preparation to Business Results At ABN AMRO” – Forbes

1/30/20 – by Randy Bean – It was not quite a decade ago that I received a most interesting invitation from a friend and colleague of many year’s past. He had recently been appointed to the … Read More »

“Firms Must Overcome Human Barriers to Enable Data-Driven Transformation” – Forbes

1/11/20 – by Randy Bean – How is data-driven business transformation driving better business outcomes, and what are the obstacles to that transformation? These are the core themes of NewVantage … Read More »

“Pharmaceutical Industry As The Next Frontier For Data-Driven Leadership” – Forbes

12/28/19 – by Randy Bean – Financial services firms have a long history of investing in data analytics and data management capabilities. Given the high average cost per customer to acquire, … Read More »

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