“A Rising Crescendo Demands Data Ethics and Data Responsibility” – Forbes

11/4/18 – by Randy Bean – Data ethics is not a subject that you would have expected to be a centerpiece of conversation among Chief Data Officers and senior business leaders in the recent past. … Read More »

“Every Company Is a Data Company” – Forbes

9/27/18 – By Jedidiah Yueh and Randy Bean – In July 2018, Facebook’s market value suffered the biggest one-day fall in US stock market history—$120 billion. After alleged election tampering … Read More »

“The State of Machine Learning in Business Today” – Forbes

9/19/18 – by Randy Bean – Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Deep Learning are all topics of considerable interest in news articles and industry discussions these days. However, to … Read More »

“How Fannie Mae is Creating a Modern Data Environment” – Forbes

9/5/18 – by Randy Bean – It seems like it was only yesterday that a new breed of data-driven businesses arrived on the scene. In the interceding years, a number of these firms – Amazon, Apple, … Read More »

“Will Blockchain Transform Healthcare?” – Forbes

8/8/18 – by Randy Bean – The Wall Street Journal recently noted that the United States “will soon spend close to 20% of its GDP” on healthcare. While it might not be possible to address the … Read More »

“Farmers Accelerates Its Time to Impact with AI” – Forbes

8/2/18 – by Thomas H. Davenport and Randy Bean – Insurance, which is an industry made up of data, transactions, and decisions, is one of the industries that is most likely to be affected by … Read More »

“Chief Data Officers Have to Pick Their Shots” – Forbes

7/29/18 – by Thomas Davenport – Last week was the 12th annual MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium, which I attended. The MIT event was one of the first conferences to recognize … Read More »

“Time to Value: The Currency of Data Operations” – Forbes

7/29/18 – by Randy Bean – Business executives at mainstream corporations are quickly grasping a central premise that executives of data-driven companies have well understood — the speed with … Read More »

“The Problem With AI Pilots” – MIT Sloan Management Review

7/29/18 – by Thomas H. Davenport and Randy Bean – Over the past year or so we’ve been engaged in an effort to tell the story of how large organizations are deploying artificial intelligence in … Read More »

“Chief Data Officer Role: Searching for Consensus

7/17/18 – by Jack Vaughan – Big data continues to be a force for change. It plays a part in the ongoing drama of corporate innovation — in some measure, giving birth to the chief data officer … Read More »

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