“How Blockchain Is Impacting Healthcare And Life Sciences Today” – Forbes

4/2/18 – By Randy Bean and Grant Stephen Soon after its development as the underlying architecture for Bitcoin, the concept of the blockchain was recognized as having broader value beyond enabling a … Read More »

“How American Express Excels As A Data-Driven Culture” – Forbes

3/16/18 – by Randy Bean – Ash Gupta retires this month after 41 years at American Express, most recently as President for Global Credit Risk and Information Management. He has seen a lot during his … Read More »

How ADP Gives Data Value Back To Its Customers

3/13/18 – by Thomas H. Davenport and Randy Bean – In the highly digitized economy in which we live today, relationships between customers and suppliers are increasingly digital. Take, for example, … Read More »

“Big Companies Are Embracing Analytics, But Most Still Don’t Have a Data-Driven Culture” – HBR

2/16/18 – by Randy Bean and Tom Davenport – For six consecutive years NewVantage Partners has conducted an annual survey on how executives in large corporations view data. Each year the response rate … Read More »

“How Big Data and AI Are Driving Business Innovation in 2018” – MIT Sloan Management Review

2/6/18 – by Randy Bean – After years of hope and promise, 2018 may be the year when artificial intelligence (AI) gains meaningful traction within Fortune 1000 corporations. This is a key finding of … Read More »

“The Chief Data Officer Dilemma” – Forbes

1/30/18 – by Randy Bean – One of the most encouraging signs that leading corporations are embracing the importance of data as a critical enterprise asset has been the establishment of the Chief Data … Read More »

“Biting The Data Management Bullet At GlaxoSmithKline” – Forbes

1/17/18 – By Thomas H. Davenport and Randy Bean – There comes a time in the life of almost every large organization when it has to admit that it doesn’t have the data environment it needs to … Read More »

“Survey: Fear of disruption drives executives’ embrace of big-data projects” – Silicon Angle

1/4/18 – by Paul Gillin -Top executives are doing more than just paying lip service to the idea that data is a strategic asset, but whether they’re doing so out of ambition or fear is an open question. … Read More »

“Bloomberg’s Data Initiative: Big Data For Social Good In 2018” – Forbes

1/2/18 – by Randy Bean – Big data has become ubiquitous in recent years. Whether it is data-driven marketing, sports analytics, political campaigns, or national security threats, data has become … Read More »

“5 Ways Big Data And AI Will Impact Life Sciences Firms In 2018” – Forbes

12/23/17 – by Randy Bean and Grant Stephen – While industries such as financial services have had a long track record of managing data, and applying analytics to optimizing customer relationships and … Read More »

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