“How Data Became Mainstream: The Path to Chief Data Officer 4.0” – Forbes

12/29/18 – by Randy Bean – Peter Serenita recalls a time when to work with data was considered a solitary pursuit that was shunted off to the backroom. This was long before the notion that … Read More »

“A 2019 Forecast for Data-Driven Business: From AI to Ethics” – Forbes

12/22/18 – By Thomas H. Davenport and Randy Bean It should come as no surprise that 2018 continued to mark another year in the progression of data adoption in business.  Companies are pushing forward … Read More »

“UBS Asset Management Taps Alternative Data to Increase Alpha” – Forbes

11/22/18 – by Randy Bean – Asset management firms are in the business of managing money on behalf of institutional clients — typically pension funds and mutual funds.  They operate as … Read More »

“Allstate’s Data-Driven Business Transformation Initiative” – Forbes

11/15/18 – by Randy Bean – Like the majority of legacy firms today, Allstate Insurance, founded in 1931 as the insurance arm of Sears Roebucks, must find new ways to compete in an … Read More »

“Munich Re: How Data and AI Reduce Risk from Global Calamities” – Forbes

11/15/18 – by Randy Bean – Technology is at its most impactful when it is applied to addressing big problems. Perhaps there are no bigger problems than the occurrence of calamities, whether in … Read More »

“A Rising Crescendo Demands Data Ethics and Data Responsibility” – Forbes

11/4/18 – by Randy Bean – Data ethics is not a subject that you would have expected to be a centerpiece of conversation among Chief Data Officers and senior business leaders in the recent past. … Read More »

“Every Company Is a Data Company” – Forbes

9/27/18 – By Jedidiah Yueh and Randy Bean – In July 2018, Facebook’s market value suffered the biggest one-day fall in US stock market history—$120 billion. After alleged election tampering … Read More »

“The State of Machine Learning in Business Today” – Forbes

9/19/18 – by Randy Bean – Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Deep Learning are all topics of considerable interest in news articles and industry discussions these days. However, to … Read More »

“How Fannie Mae is Creating a Modern Data Environment” – Forbes

“How Fannie Mae is Creating a Modern Data Environment” – Forbes

9/5/18 – by Randy Bean – It seems like it was only yesterday that a new breed of data-driven businesses arrived on the scene. In the interceding years, a number of these firms – Amazon, Apple, … Read More »

“Will Blockchain Transform Healthcare?” – Forbes

“Will Blockchain Transform Healthcare?” – Forbes

8/8/18 – by Randy Bean – The Wall Street Journal recently noted that the United States “will soon spend close to 20% of its GDP” on healthcare. While it might not be possible to address the … Read More »

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