“Big Data and Machine Learning Lessons From Google Photos” – Information Management

11/1/15 – by Avi Kalderon – Several months ago, Google introduced Google Photos — a breakthrough where Google helps people organize and access their photos at an unprecedented level.  Big news … Read More »

“Overcoming Legacy Processes to Achieve Big Data Success” – MIT Sloan Management Review

9/29/15 – by Randy Bean – For large companies saddled with complex legacy environments that were developed over many decades, finding the opportunity for disruption can be a daunting challenge. … Read More »

”The Rise and Fall of the Data Professional Class?” – Wall Street Journal

9/26/15 – by Randy Bean – We hear a lot these days about the new data professional class, with large corporations rushing to add chief data officers and other data specialists to their C-suite list. … Read More »

“Making The Case For The Long Tail of Big Data” – Wall Street Journal

8/27/15 – by Randy Bean – Around the time Chris Anderson introduced the “long tail” to the masses in a 2004 Wired cover story, MIT’s Erik Brynjolfsson and others were studying how products in … Read More »

“5 Ways Big Data Disrupts Your Existing Data Warehouse (In A Good Way)” – Information Management

8/3/15 – by Avi Kalderon – The “Data-First” approach — combining data lakes with big data — changes the way businesses think about their existing data warehouses. … Read More »

“Can’t Find a Data Scientist? Turn to a Business Analyst” – DataInformed

7/22/15 – by Chael Christopher – Good luck finding a really good data scientist these days. McKinsey reports that the United States faces a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 data scientists, plus a need … Read More »

“Mainstream Corporations Poised for Big Data Investments” – Wall Street Journal

7/19/15 – by Randy Bean – For mainstream corporations operating in mature markets, finding the opportunity for disruption using Big Data can be a daunting challenge. Although the economic opportunity … Read More »

“Big Data: 5 Reminders to Keep It Real” – Inside Big Data

6/28/15 – by Avi Kalderon – Like many phenomena with huge promise and far-reaching implications, the line between Big Data fact and fiction can be a bit blurry. Businesses rushing to compete can … Read More »

“Big Data Fuels a ‘Data First’ Movement” – Wall Street Journal

6/15/15 – by Randy Bean – My esteemed friend and colleague Tom Davenport recently wrote in these pages about The Shift to a New Data Architecture. With his usual instinct for wry observation Tom … Read More »

“The Shift to a New Data Architecture” – Wall Street Journal

6/4/15 – by Tom Davenport – I am not the first to say this—various IT vendors have made similar pronouncements—but I am confident that we are moving to a new data and technology architecture. … Read More »

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