“Pharmaceutical Industry As The Next Frontier For Data-Driven Leadership” – Forbes

12/28/19 – by Randy Bean – Financial services firms have a long history of investing in data analytics and data management capabilities. Given the high average cost per customer to acquire, … Read More »

“The Growing Importance of Data Democratization” – CFO

12/27/19 – by Dina Kholkar – Data democratization — the process of making data accessible enterprise-wide — is a topic that’s been bandied about the boardroom for some time. Data, and universal … Read More »

“AI At JPMorgan Chase—Breadth, Depth And Change” – Forbes

11/14/19 – by Thomas H. Davenport and Randy Bean – Most large banks in the US are pursuing AI fairly assiduously, but JPMorgan Chase stands out for the depth of its commitment to the technology, the … Read More »

“Demystifying Artificial Intelligence in the Corporation” – Forbes

10/13/19 – by Randy Bean – Artificial Intelligence (AI) is top of mind for leading corporations these days – 96.4% of top executives reported earlier this year that AI was the number one … Read More »

“A Long View On How Big Data And AI Have Transformed Business Culture” – Forbes

9/25/19 – by Randy Bean – As my colleagues and I attend 3 major data and technology industry events in New York City this coming week – ML Ops, Finovate, and the granddaddy of them … Read More »

“How Compliance And Cost Reduction Are Funding Data Transformation” – Forbes

8/28/19 – by Randy Bean and Andrew Sohn – As much as Chief Information Officers (CIO) and Chief Data Officers (CDO) would like to be perceived as revenue generators and growth enablers within their … Read More »

“Make Room in the Executive Suite: Here Comes CDO 2.0” –

8/17/19 – by Sara Brown – As companies harness the power of information, chief data officers are becoming more common, ensuring compliance and fueling innovation and growth. A recent survey found … Read More »

“Five Ways To Make The Chief Data Officer Job A Great One” – Forbes

8/9/19 – by Thomas H. Davenport – I’ve just made my semi-regular appearance at the 2019 MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium, the thirteenth in this series put on by my … Read More »

“How TD Ameritrade Uses AI To Hear The Voice Of The Customer” – Forbes

7/17/19 – by Thomas H. Davenport and Randy Bean – TD Ameritrade has been garnering considerable public attention these days, much of it due to the high-profile television ad campaign known as “The … Read More »

“From Analytics First to AI First at Capital One” – Forbes

7/15/19 – by Thomas H. Davenport and Randy Bean – Capital One has long been known as a north star for financial services firms that aspire to be data-driven. Established in 1994 after spinning off of … Read More »

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