“How Verizon is Building a Big Data and AI Culture” – Forbes

11/17/17 – by Randy Bean – Telecommunications has long been one of the most data-intensive industries, and some of the earliest analytical marketing initiatives originated at established firms like … Read More »

“Revolutionizing Radiology with Deep Learning at Partners Healthcare” – Forbes

11/7/17 – by Randy Bean and Tom Davenport – One of the more miraculous aspects of modern medicine is its ability to peer directly inside the human body to aid in diagnosis of disease and medical … Read More »

“Financial Services Disruption: Gradually And Then Suddenly” – Forbes

10/11/17 – by Randy Bean – Ernest Hemingway was known for his stories about a lost generation, bullfighting, and big game hunting, but one does not generally associate Hemingway with ideas of … Read More »

“A ‘Gathering Of Data Scientists’ Extends Its Influence” – Forbes

9/22/17 – by Randy Bean – Ben Lorica is a data scientist, a person who analyzes data to gain insights.  Once known as quants, data analysts, actuaries, or any other number of unsexy terms, the … Read More »

“Mastercard’s Big Data For Good Initiative: Data Philanthropy On The Front Lines” – Forbes

8/9/17 – by Randy Bean – Much has been written about big data initiatives and the efforts of market leaders to derive critical business insights faster. Less has been written about initiatives by … Read More »

“How Machine Learning Is Helping Morgan Stanley Better Understand Client Needs” – Harvard Business Review

8/3/17 – by Thomas H. Davenport and Randy Bean – Systems that provide automated investment advice from financial firms have been referred to as robo-advisers. While no one in the industry is … Read More »

“Career Path: From reluctant programmer to big data consultant” –

7/27/17 – by Chris Bentley – In college I had studied English literature, history and art history and stuff like that … As things turned, out my first job was as a computer programmer, which … Read More »

“Chief data officer jobs call for nurturing data ethos in companies” – TechTarget

7/27/17 – by Jack Vaughan – Chief data officer jobs are often described using sports analogies, where those on defense protect data and those on offense mold data to help drive business strategy. … Read More »

“Chief data officers bust out of the shadows onto the corporate front lines” – Silicon Angle

7/27/17 – by Paul Gillin – Chief data officers are rapidly moving out of the shadows of back-office data quality and governance tasks and onto the front lines of corporate enterprise computing strategy. … Read More »

“Interesting Times: Business Change In An Era Of Tech Disruption” – Forbes

7/11/17 – by Randy Bean – When reflecting on epochs in world history, historians often make reference to an ancient Chinese curse – “May you live in interesting times!” Today, we live in a time … Read More »

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