“Biting The Data Management Bullet At GlaxoSmithKline” – Forbes

1/17/18 – By Thomas H. Davenport and Randy Bean – There comes a time in the life of almost every large organization when it has to admit that it doesn’t have the data environment it needs to … Read More »

“Survey: Fear of disruption drives executives’ embrace of big-data projects” – Silicon Angle

1/4/18 – by Paul Gillin -Top executives are doing more than just paying lip service to the idea that data is a strategic asset, but whether they’re doing so out of ambition or fear is an open question. … Read More »

“Bloomberg’s Data Initiative: Big Data For Social Good In 2018” – Forbes

1/2/18 – by Randy Bean – Big data has become ubiquitous in recent years. Whether it is data-driven marketing, sports analytics, political campaigns, or national security threats, data has become … Read More »

“5 Ways Big Data And AI Will Impact Life Sciences Firms In 2018” – Forbes

12/23/17 – by Randy Bean and Grant Stephen – While industries such as financial services have had a long track record of managing data, and applying analytics to optimizing customer relationships and … Read More »

“Setting The Table For Data Science And AI At Bank Of Montreal” – Forbes

12/9/17 – by Tom Davenport & Randy Bean – Many firms today are introducing cognitive technologies to their organizations somewhat slowly. It’s not that they don’t believe the technologies are … Read More »

“Cindy Crawford, Big Data, AI, Robotics and Innovation” – Forbes

11/17/17 – by Randy Bean – What do Cindy Crawford, Big Data, AI, Robotics and Innovation have in common?  Aside from being subjects of keen interest to many, each was on the featured agenda at the … Read More »

“How Verizon is Building a Big Data and AI Culture” – Forbes

11/17/17 – by Randy Bean – Telecommunications has long been one of the most data-intensive industries, and some of the earliest analytical marketing initiatives originated at established firms like … Read More »

“Revolutionizing Radiology with Deep Learning at Partners Healthcare” – Forbes

11/7/17 – by Randy Bean and Tom Davenport – One of the more miraculous aspects of modern medicine is its ability to peer directly inside the human body to aid in diagnosis of disease and medical … Read More »

“Financial Services Disruption: Gradually And Then Suddenly” – Forbes

10/11/17 – by Randy Bean – Ernest Hemingway was known for his stories about a lost generation, bullfighting, and big game hunting, but one does not generally associate Hemingway with ideas of … Read More »

“A ‘Gathering Of Data Scientists’ Extends Its Influence” – Forbes

9/22/17 – by Randy Bean – Ben Lorica is a data scientist, a person who analyzes data to gain insights.  Once known as quants, data analysts, actuaries, or any other number of unsexy terms, the … Read More »

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