“Managing Data as a Corporate Asset: Data Virtualization” – Dataversity

5/31/17 – by Andrew Sohn and Avi Kalderon There’s a lot of talk in the data community that data needs to be managed as a corporate asset and treated like other assets in a corporation’s portfolio.  … Read More »

“How Big Data Is Empowering AI and Machine Learning at Scale” – MIT Sloan Review

5/8/17 – by Randy Bean – Big Data is moving to a new stage of maturity — one that promises even greater business impact and industry disruption over the course of the coming decade. As Big Data … Read More »

“How Companies Say They’re Using Big Data” – Harvard Business Review

4/30/17 – by Randy Bean – Are companies seeing any value to their investments in “big data”? I’ve been surveying executives of Fortune 1000 companies about their data investments since 2012, … Read More »

“How Women Are Shaping The Big Data Revolution” – Forbes

“How Women Are Shaping The Big Data Revolution” – Forbes

4/27/17 – by Randy Bean – It has become abundantly clear by now. Successful business adoption of Big Data and analytics initiatives is largely a function of overcoming cultural impediments. These … Read More »

“Four Smart Investment Ways to Get Started with Blockchain” – Dataversity

4/24/17 – by Andrew Sohn – There is no shortage of buzz about Blockchain – for good reason. But there’s less talk about how to make it work for you now. The answers lie in this working … Read More »

“What’s Your Data Strategy?” – Harvard Business Review

4/20/17 – by Leandro DalleMule & Thomas H. Davenport More than ever, the ability to manage torrents of data is critical to a company’s success. But even with the emergence of data-management … Read More »

“How P&G and American Express Are Approaching AI” – Harvard Business Review

4/1/17 – by Thomas Davenport and Randy Bean – There is a tendency with any new technology to believe that it requires new management approaches, new organizational structures, and entirely new … Read More »

“Is The Financial Services Industry Ripe For Disruption?” – Forbes

“Is The Financial Services Industry Ripe For Disruption?” – Forbes

3/4/17 – by Randy Bean – With reports in American Banker this week that Amazon is rumored to be exploring the potential acquisition of Capital One, an innovator in financial services marketing, is … Read More »

“Why Your Company Should Get Started with Blockchain” – Dataversity

3/4/17 – by Andrew Sohn – The hype surrounding Blockchain – also known as Distributed Ledger Technology – is in overdrive.  Many pundits liken the potential impact of Blockchain to that of … Read More »

“The Chief Data Officer Has Arrived. Can They Now Lead the Charge?” – Corinium Intelligence

3/4/17 – by Randy Bean – According to a recently released executive survey by strategic advisors NewVantage Partners, the Chief Data Officer role has clearly arrived.  While just five years ago, … Read More »

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