“Big Data Initiatives Now Mainstream Among Large Organizations” – Information Management

1/12/16 – Big data has achieved mainstream adoption among large enterprises, according to a new study by management consulting firm NewVantage Partners. … Read More »

“NewVantage: Big Data Adoption Went Mainstream in 2015” – Silicon Angle

1/11/16 – Big Data is officially “a thing” with senior executives at Fortune 1000 firms indicating they’ll increase spending on collecting and analyzing data sharply over the next few years. In … Read More »

“Big Data: Rising In Importance But Still Challenging, New Surveys Say” – Forbes

1/8/16 – Two recent surveys shed new light on the state of big data, showing growing adoption but persistent data management challenges. … Read More »

“Current Data Scientist Craze Can’t Last” – Wall Street Journal

1/1/16 – by Randy Bean – Yogi Berra once remarked, “Nobody comes here anymore, it’s too crowded.” Fashion, restaurants, political candidates, academic theories, and business trends come and … Read More »

“Speed Analytics with a Data First Approach” – Data Informed

12/14/15 – by Avi Kalderon – The time has arrived for a Data First approach to creating information for business. Done right, this approach is all about getting more value, faster and at comparable or … Read More »

“The Big Data Business Adoption Journey” – Wall Street Journal

11/19/15 – by Randy Bean – Big Data represents a business adoption paradox: It promises speed, but successful business adoption takes time. When I advise executives or speak to business groups, I … Read More »

“Data Disruption” – Published by David Rogelberg

11/10/15 – In the first section, page 6, CEO and Managing Partner, Randy Bean, discusses the cycles of innovation as they relate to Big Data. … Read More »

“Big Data – Time for a Selfie” – CIO Review

11/3/15 – by Avi Kalderon – As the concept of big data matures, there is a shift underway in how it has socialized and subsequently implemented at all organizational levels. It can make people … Read More »

“Big Data and Machine Learning Lessons From Google Photos” – Information Management

11/1/15 – by Avi Kalderon – Several months ago, Google introduced Google Photos — a breakthrough where Google helps people organize and access their photos at an unprecedented level.  Big news … Read More »

“Big Data Can Aid Companies of All Sizes” – Boston Globe

10/30/15 – For large companies saddled with complex legacy systems, finding the opportunity for disruption can be daunting. Unlike new economy firms, which have had the benefit of being able to build their … Read More »

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