“Chief Data Officer Role Shifts to Offense” – Wall Street Journal

Apr 7, 2015

by Randy Bean – Shakespeare said “April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.” It was one year ago that I published a column, Chief Data Officers Blaze Uncharted Corporate Frontier. The premise was that a fresh new corporate role had emerged, originating in direct response to growing demands for coordination of corporate data policies, practices, and strategy. In an executive report I published later in the year, I noted that “the Chief Data Officer role is becoming a corporate standard,” with 43% of executives reporting that their firm had appointed a chief data officer, up from only 19% just two years earlier. This trend was most evident among financial service firms. In 2013-2014, AIG, American Express Charles Schwab, JP Morgan, Nationwide Insurance, Raymond James, State Street, and Wells Fargo, all established a CDO function. It seemed that a consensus had been established. Or, had it?

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