“Doubling Down On Analytics And Data At Cigna” – Forbes

Aug 12, 2020

by Thomas Davenport & Randy Bean – Cigna has been working with data and analytics for many years. Throughout our careers we have provided periodic counsel and have known Cigna to do interesting, ambitious work to use data and analytics to improve their business. But now Cigna is taking data and analytics to a new level. The giant global health services company—ranked #13 in the 2020 Fortune 500, with over $153 billion in 2019 revenues—acquired the pharmacy benefits manager ExpressScripts at the end of 2018. In that same year Cigna established its first Global Data and Analytics organization, and appointed Gina Papush into the role of Chief Global Data and Analytics Officer. Papush and her colleagues are in the middle of an ambitious journey to create a leading data and analytics capability in one of the most data- and analytics-oriented industries in the world, and to transform the business of healthcare.

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