NewVantage Healthcare Offers Executives an Assessment of Information Assets & Big Data Strategy

May 10, 2013

NewVantage Partners, a leading consultancy helping business and technology executives discover the power of their data for business solutions, is now offering healthcare organizations a fast, comprehensive, executive assessment of their information assets and strategy for success, while tapping into Big Data to provide unparalleled competitive advantages. Completing this now can have a direct impact on 2014 plans and investments.

“The healthcare environment is changing rapidly, and real world evidence is required to support inclusion in formularies, demonstrate accountable care, grow market share and profitability,” said Carl Ascenzo, head of the NewVantage Healthcare Practice and former Blue Cross of Massachusetts CIO. “In response to these trends, new analytics are changing the way healthcare companies operate and make decisions — and Big Data can play a big role. Our assessment will guide executives in determining which data and analytics are strategic and making sure the right information pieces are in place for maximum ROI.”

The NewVantage Healthcare Executive Assessment will help healthcare companies quickly face the challenge of proactively preparing for the new insights required by the industry as the time to develop these strategies continues to shrink in the dynamic healthcare environment. The assessment will provide an accelerated approach to determining information assets and strategy to help lay the foundation and direction for strategic action. Key benefits to healthcare executives include:

1. Better information for strategic planning. Recommendations need to be effective and attainable. NewVantage has decades of executive and industry experience ensuring our assessment engagements yield practical direction that can be acted on immediately within the context of your priorities.

2. Quickly establish the basis for taking action. Most firms take anywhere from three to six months to do an initial strategy assessment, too long a wait for healthcare organizations looking to formulate and discuss strategic options and begin taking action. NewVantage has the expertise to gather the important distinctive characteristics for a client and create a clear set of strategic options for detailed discussion – in 45 days.

3. Proactively address information requirements. The ability to harness the rising tide of healthcare data for improvement will dictate winners and losers over the next decade. It is never too soon to start thinking about how to leverage data assets so that the organization not only survive but thrive in the upcoming era.

“Senior executives carry the responsibility to make sure that information, analytic and decision-making capabilities are aligned with their organization’s strategy, market positioning, and competitive advantages,” continued Ascenzo. “From leading the organization’s information vision and strategy to ensuring information capabilities have a strategic and tactical ROI, NewVantage Healthcare can help assess their next steps and make sure they are on target.”

Find out more about how the NewVantage Healthcare Executive Assessment can put Big Data to work for your organization, download the assessment summary or contact Carl Ascenzo at

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