NewVantage Partners Survey Shows Big Data Surge: Four Patterns To Watch

Sep 9, 2013

Paul Barth of NewVantage Partners guest-authors for Nixon Peabody and explains emerging Big Data patterns.

Click here to read the article in full. See excerpt below:

Big Data is not only a hot topic among Fortune 500 companies—it is fast becoming a key part of the IT stack. According to a survey of large financial services and healthcare companies just completed by NewVantage Partners, over 90% of these companies have big data solutions implemented or in production, and over 50% expect to spend over $10MM annually on big data technologies by 2016.

In working with these firms on their big data strategies and initiatives, four patterns are emerging that will shape the big data vendor landscape of new entrants and traditional vendors.

Extending the existing IT stack. Companies are rapidly adopting big data technologies that integrate well with their existing enterprise platforms. Big data offerings by IBM, Oracle, Teradata, and EMC make it much easier to integrate and manage the new solutions within their existing databases and applications. Companies expect to retain traditional enterprise vendors who have mature tools to manage thousands of users, but are looking to lower platform and software costs by using big data solutions on the back end. Pure-play companies that “play well” with existing data and analytics vendors will continue to be attractive candidates for acquisition.

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