NewVantage Partners are strategic advisors in data-driven innovation to Fortune 1000 business and technology executives and industry leaders.

At the Forefront of Data + Innovation

Since 2001, NewVantage Partners has helped a blue-chip roster of Fortune 1000 companies and industry leaders leverage data and analytics to drive innovation and business transformation.

This commitment to innovation has been fostered through activities such as the incubation of new business processes, frameworks, and technology solutions, and through activities such as establishment of a “Big Data Fast Track Program”, which enables corporations to launch a Big Data environment within 60 days.

Business Innovation through Big Data

Big Data is here to stay.  As data volumes and sources of data proliferate at ever increasing rates, leading companies will be forced to plan for a data-driven future.  Data is pervasive.  Rapid access to the latest data can accelerate innovation and disrupt traditional markets.    Businesses are finding new ways to do business that serve their customers more effectively and responsively.  Businesses can adapt or risk burying their heads in the sand.

Big Data is transforming businesses across industry sectors — from industrial systems to financial services, from media to health care delivery, from drug discovery to government services, from national security to professional sports.  The opportunity to deploy data and analytics has accelerated the speed at which companies can enter new markets, with new solutions, and quickly challenge or displace traditional competitors and market leaders.  Big Data brings speed, agility, experimentation, iteration, and the ability to fail fast, learn from experience, and execute smarter.

Business Innovation through AI/Machine Learning

NewVantage Partners is focused on emerging data-driven solutions and the ways which they can enable companies to transform critical business activities.

Big Data has empowered AI-based solutions that rely on large datasets for learning and recommendations. A growing number of companies are embedding machine learning on Big Data into core business processes.  With the potential for processing thousands of concurrent requests per second, Big Data-driven benefits are driving business innovation. We help firms undertake a data-driven digital transformation. Our expertise includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Blockchain, Digital Strategy, and the Internet-of-Things (IOT).

NewVantage Partners at a Glance

NewVantage Partners helps clients leverage their data assets to realize business value:

  • Gain business insights faster and with greater flexibility.
  • Transform critical business processes to be more nimble and cost-effective.
  • Ensure business value through successful business adoption and results.
  • Help clients to accelerate adoption Big Data capabilities – from strategy, planning and design, through program implementation and execution.
  • Focused on Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare verticals.










NewVantage Partners Focus Areas

  • Data Strategy — current state | future state | ideation | roadmap
  • Data Governance – stewardship | lineage | Chief Data Officer start-up
  • Data Architecture – plumbing | technology | data management
  • Big Data – data agility | data democratization | analytic sandboxes | discovery
  • Business Adoption — quick wins | organizational alignment | cultural change
  • Data Innovation — monetization | speed-to-market | incubation | acceleration

NewVantage Innovation Capabilities

  • Enabling business innovation through Big Data and AI/Machine Learning
  • Overcoming cultural impediments to innovation with Big Data and AI/Machine Learning
  • Ensuring successful business adoption of Big Data and AI/Machine Learning
  • Managing technology change to remove barriers to Big Data and AI/Machine Learning
  • Managing business change through organizational alignment and governance
  • Making the case for ongoing investment in emerging solutions and approaches
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