NewVantage Partners are strategic advisors in business innovation to Fortune 1000 business and technology executives. We help clients transform – to become data-driven, highly agile, data-savvy business cultures.

At the Forefront of Data + Innovation

Since 2001, NewVantage Partners has helped a blue-chip roster of Fortune 1000 companies and industry leaders leverage data and analytics to drive innovation and business transformation.

NewVantage Partners is focused on emerging data-driven solutions and the ways which they can enable companies to transform critical business activities, innovate, and compete faster.

Our “Big Data Fast Track Program” has enabled companies to deliver business results from Big Data within 60-90 days.

NewVantage Innovation Initiatives

NewVantage Partners assists its clients in identifying and managing opportunities for innovation using new data-driven business and technology approaches. We guide our clients from conception through business execution, focusing on a set of core success factors:

  • Enabling data-driven business innovation
  • Overcoming cultural impediments to innovation
  • Ensuring successful business adoption of data-driven initiatives
  • Managing technology change to remove barriers to adoption
  • Managing business change through organizational alignment and governance

Our areas of expertise include applications of Big Data, Agile Computing, Analytics and Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Blockchain, and Digital Transformation.

How Big Data and AI are Driving Business Innovation

Nearly three-fourths of executives (73.2%) report that their organizations are now achieving measureable results from their Big Data and AI investments.

As companies are increasing their investments in Big Data and AI initiatives in response to threats of disruption and displacement, nearly three-fourths of executives (71.8%) believe investments in Big Data and AI will have a transformational and disruptive impact on their business.

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How Blockchain is Transforming Data Protection

As enterprises seek to manage data as an asset, it becomes increasingly vital that data sources are trusted and verifiable. Blockchain holds the potential to become a central component to ensuring trusted data.

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