NewVantage Big Data Fast Track Program enables corporations to launch a Big Data environment in 60 days.

Using our FastTrack methodology and framework, our clients can initiate new or boost existing big data efforts by providing a flexible, targeted approach that adaptable to the client’s context and needs. This enables the following benefits:

  • Gain business insights faster and with greater flexibility
  • Transform critical business processes to be more nimble and cost-effective
  • Enable analytics in weeks rather than months
  • Ensure business value through successful business adoption and results

Big Data Fast Track Execution Program

NewVantage Partners Big Data Fast Track Program encompasses four core capabilities:

     1. Strategy

Ideation, conception, and design of a Big Data and Analytics environment that is business-driven and tied to business value. The strategy includes identifying business drivers, assessing current capabilities and gaps, defining future state objectives, and developing the execution roadmap and business case.

     2. Proof of Concept

Fast-track validation of strategy and business benefits by establishing a sample Big Data Analytics and reporting environment using Big Data technologies and approaches for speed and flexibility — resulting in validation and demonstrated value within 60-90 days.

     3. Execution

Rapid design and implementation of a Big Data analytics and reporting environment that enables critical business objectives — resulting in an operational Big Data environment within 12-16 weeks.

     4. Big Data Solutions Center

Fast track Big Data implementation efforts through a remote hosted environment, enabling test-and-learn analysis without a large financial commitment for technology and infrastructure investment.


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